Wednesday, July 23, 2014

where to Retired?

Speaking of retirement with comfort,my personal view is Batam indonesia
Why??? The main reasons are low cost living,relax pace of living,houses that does not cost a bomb.
As for me personally with no wife and children to tag along,it is relatively easy to survive with just 1k per month.

For those with a family it is not  recommended as you have to think of your child education and future as some syllabus is not on par with the education system here.

I have done some research on the houses there and it is quite affordable more land space and well laid long term investment.If you can afford a bigger house you can rent out rooms as the demand for room rental is there.

Points to ponder... Affordable low cost living,relaxed slower paced environment and long term investment.

Posb Blue Chips.

What is Posb Blue Chips?

It is a simple and lower cost approach for those with not much cash in hand.
Starting from minimal amount of $100 a month and a low sales charge of 1% with no exit and redemption charges.

Good for those who starting to consider investing but don't know where to start.

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